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Tales of the Art

"Fools Rush In" We were told by staff that a little girl was extremely upset, screaming and crying. "We haven't been able to get in her room. Why don't you see if you can?"

Healing Laughter: Observing hospital clowns on their “clinical rounds.” The little girl is maybe a year old, sitting up in her hospital bed, eyes wide, transfixed by three brightly colored scarves swirling before her. A clown wearing a disheveled fake doctor’s coat, white, with tuxedo tails trailing behind, is juggling the scarves in graceful silence.

"The Drainage Dance Song" Dr. Truman B. Awesome and I were making our rounds when a doctor asked us if we could see her patient in a private kidney dialysis room. “Of course!” we said.

"Tears of Joy" The six month old baby was very sick, his belly swollen from a liver transplant. His exhausted parents sat vigil nearby, but beckoned me in.

"A Perfect Punch Line" We peered through the glass of a room occupied by a bored sixteen year old boy lying on his bed watching TV. He looked up, surprised and curious at this sudden interruption by two middle-aged female clowns, wearing rainbow colors and white coats.

"A Light Inside Her" "Cindy" has severe autism. A therapeutic play specialist had not been able to engage her at all and we were told we likely wouldn't succeed.

"Rehabilitation Improvisation" Just out of brain surgery, "Marcy" was non-responsive, agitated and fearful. When anyone approached her, she would turn her head to the side and scream, "No! No!"

"The Wheelchair Waltz" We were interacting with a girl of about 14 who has Down Syndrome; she was in a wheelchair with a cast on her outstretched leg, dressed and coiffed to the nines, right down to her sparkly gloves.

"Short Takes" Of Beethoven's 9th, grand entrances, teddy bears, and TP'ing a room.

Room Circus Medical Clowning
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