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Become a part of bringing joy and relief to hospitalized children and their families by donating to this compassionate program. Together we will create a world-class organization that makes an important and enduring contribution to life. Your generosity is warmly appreciated.

Donations may be made securely online with a credit card through PayPal by using the button below or by sending a check to:
Room Circus Medical Clowning
P.O. Box 28541
Seattle, WA 98118


Room Circus Medical Clowning is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, so all donations are tax deductible.


Room Circus is a non-profit organization that operates off of the generosity of our donors and volunteers. We are not looking for volunteer clowns, because we use trained, professional clowns who have the skill and sensitivity to bring the most therapeutic benefit to patients. However, we are looking for compassionate, energetic people who want to contribute some of their time and energy to a good cause.

Room Circus endeavors to expand its outreach to more hospitals and more days a week in Seattle Children’s Hospital. There are many different ways that you can help us attain this goal, such as by donating, being on a committee, or helping with one or more of the tasks listed below. Bring your skills and enthusiasm to Room Circus and you’ll be part of bringing joy and laughter to hospitalized children!

If you’re interested in helping out, Highlight any specific areas of interest you would like to volunteer your time for and our Volunteer Coordinator will follow up on next steps!

You don’t have to wear a red nose, but silly hats are encouraged!

Room Circus Medical Clowning
This program is supported in part by grants from the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, 4culture (King County Arts Commission), Washington State Arts Commission (ArtsWA) and the National Endowment for the Arts.
Sponsored by Seattle Office of Arts & Culture
Sponsored by 4Culture (King County Arts Commission)
Sponsored by Washington State Arts Commission (ArtsWA)
Sponsored by National Endowment for the Arts

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