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The Music of Laughter The Music of Laughter

—An evening at the Piano with Forrest Kinney and Andrea Rackl
to raise funds for Room Circus Medical Clowning
at Seattle Children's Hospital

Acclaimed concert pianist and improvisational wizard Forrest Kinney returns for the third year, this time with a new performing partner, Andrea Rackl! Andrea and Forrest (who’s entertained at Bill Gates’ house 23 times!) will surprise and delight as they improvise together and with the audience in various musical styles. Be prepared to laugh, ooh and aah, as you hear the William Tell Overture, Brahms’ Lullaby and Chopstick Variations as you’ve never heard them before! You might find yourself jamming the blues, even if you’ve never played a note! Forrest is very excited about the new duo’s creative spark. “It's what I did last year, but even better! " he tells us. We look forward to sharing new stories and videos of the amazing ways we’re helping children heal through the power of laughter! Please join us!

Please bring your checks and credit cards to help sustain this valuable service of compassionate laughter!

Saturday, October 17th, 7 to 9:15pm

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At the home of Pandora Christie & Tom Dudler
13410 NE 36th St., Bellevue 98005


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"This is the best medicine she's had all day!" - Father

Room Circus medical clowning provides laughter, wonder and joy as a therapeutic and vital component of health care.

"That's the first time my child has smiled in months." - Parent

Dr. La Foo & Dr. Hamsterfuzz with a Child

Our professional medical clowns use music, physical comedy, improvisation and circus arts to transform the health care environment. Stress relief, distraction, reduction of anxiety and pain and empowerment of patients are just a few of the measurable benefits.

"My daughter's time in the hospital was much less traumatic and troubling with your kookiness to ease her through the difficulties she faced. We are grateful beyond words." - Father of a cancer patient

Room Circus clowns reach through the barriers, pull out laughter, and create a circle of trust that encompasses everyone in the room - providers, families, patients and staff.

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